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The Literary Barolo: a reading bottle

The return of Massimo Martinelli to the Barolo.

Massimo Martinelli has got all his life to Barolo: he was producer in the Ratti Winery of La Morra and president of the Consortium of Conservation, he got several tasting courses. Now he propose a limited edition bottle, "THE LETTERARY BAROLO", and which is inspired by the book he wrote "The Barolo as I Feel It".

The result is a bottle that puts on the label in addition to the author's image a particularly significant passage from the book.

The wine will be presented Thursday, November 16, 2017 at the Enoteca CASA DEL BAROLO in Turin, by Paolo Massobrio journalist.

In the same day the will be presented the new edition of the book "Barolo as I Feel It", in reduced edition and english translation.